The Gambia is situated in West Africa on the Atlantic coast. It's a stretch of land, some 320 km long, north and south of the river Gambia. Inland, the longest distance from north to south is only 35 km. At the coast this is almost 70 km. The surface is about 11,000 sq. km.

The landscape is dominated by the river Gambia. Where the river is tidal (up to 200 km inland) mangroves are abundant. The north bank is, due to desertification, largely covered with desert scrub while the south bank is more savannah-like. Little is left of the original gallery (riverine) forest. Quite new to the landscape (and very "birdy") are the tourist areas with flower-filled gardens and park-like vegetation.

"The lure of Basse and the Egyptian Plovers proved too strong and we decided to head up-river. The trip took three days (two nights) and was perfectly manageable within the confines of a one-week holiday: obviously we had to sacrifice some time on the coast but no key sites were missed. The up-river trip was a great experience and definitely recommended." (see David Steele's trip report)

Egyptian Plover

Egyptian Plover © Nik Borrow

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The Gambia, August 22nd - September 4th 2006, author Sander Bot (added September 15, 2006)
(Birding the hard way: wet season, public transport, no bird guides.)

The Gambia - 24th February - 10th March 2015, author Dave Culham (added September 1, 2015)
(Coastal & Inland birding trip)

The Gambia - warning about Gambian guides!, author Attila Simay (added October 29, 2006)
(Gambia, guides)

The Gambia - Rainy Season Birding, 1-6 October, 2018, author Bruce Mast (added October 17, 2018)
(Kotu Creek, Janjanbureh, African Wood-Owl, Grayish Eagle-Owl, Marsh Owl, Adamawa Turtle-Dove, African Finfoot, Gabar Goshawk)

Gambia November 16th - December 3rd 2004, author John Wright (added October 11, 2005)
(Pygmy Geese, Egyptian Plovers, Guineafowl, Ground Hornbills, Y-b Hyliota, Carmine Bee-eaters.)

The Gambia - February 2006 - A photographic trip alone, author Ian Tew (added November 2, 2006)

Gambia and Senegal - 3rd - 10th April 2009, author Dave Horton (added May 24, 2009)
(Kuto Beach area with vivits to Lamin Lodge, Abuko, Faraba Bush track etc)

Gambia - 17th November to 1st December 2006, author John Wright (added May 13, 2007)
(Abuko, Western Bluebill, Faraba Banta, W-b Cuckoo Shrike, Bunaidou Woods, Y-b Hyliota)

Gambia 21January - 4 February, tripreport bij Extreembirding, author Bas Van de Meulengraaf (link created March 7, 2005)
(Abuko, Georgetown, Kotu, Marakissa, Yundum, Brufut, Kampanti, Kaur, Tendaba, Kiang west NP, Egyptian plover, African emerald cuckoo, Red billed quelea, Little green woodpecker, European storm petrel, Kelp gull, Martial eagle, Bateleur)

The Gambia - March 2015, author Kevin Bollington (added March 31, 2015)
(Kuloro, Bonto, Brufut Forest, Marakissa, Kotu stream)

The Gambia - February 2007, author Polly Mair (added March 27, 2007)

Gambia - 7th - 21st March 2008, author Grant Lewis Brooke (added March 24, 2008)
(Lesser Honeyguide, Spotted Honeyguide, Yellow Throated Longclaw)

The Gambia with an excursion to Wassadou and Nikolo Koba NP, Senegal - 14th - 28th February 2017, author Tony and Mary Hopkins (added March 22, 2017)
(Kotu, Kombo, Brufut, Abuko, Mandihaba, Tupering, Tanji, Tendaba, Janjanbureh, Gambia, Wassadou and Niokolo Koba,Senegal)

The Gambia - 26th February to March 12th 2007, author Grant Lewis Brooke (added March 19, 2007)
(Tendaba, Finfoot, White-backed Night Herons, Blue Flycatcher)

The Gambia - February 2020, author Laurie Allnatt (added March 11, 2020)
(Kotu, Morgan Kunda, Georgetown, Tendaba, Farasutu, Marakissa, Kartong, Tanji, African Finfoot, Finfoot, Savile's Barstard, Quail Plover, African Wood Owl, White-bellied Bustard)

The Gambia - 11th – 18th December 2012, author Ben Turner (added March 1, 2013)
(Farakunku Lodges and the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill.)

The Gambia, February 2015, author Tony Benton (added June 22, 2015)
(Coastal strip: Speckled Pigeon; Blue cheeked Bee-eaters; White-billed Buffalo weaver; Long-crested Eagle; Harrier Hawk; Yellow-crowned Gonolek; Senegal Parrot)

Senegal and The Gambia - 19th January - 2nd March 2010, author Herve Jacob (added June 21, 2012)

The Gambia, February 2011, author Oenanthe Birding Adventures (link created July 16, 2011)
(Western Bluebill, Giant Kingfisher, Violet Turaco, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird)

Gambia - staying at the Senegambia hotel - 4th -18th December 2007, author Robert Brown (added January 9, 2008)

Gambia - Nov 16th - 23rd 2010 - Wingspan Bird Tours, author Bob Buckler (added January 5, 2011)
(Gambia, Tendaba, Senegambia, Moho, Egyptian Plover, )

Gambia - Nov 23rd - Dec 7th 2010 - Wingspan Bird Tours, author Bob Buckler (added January 5, 2011)
(Gambia, Tendaba, Senegambia, Moho, Egyptian Plover, )

The Gambia - December 2008, author Lucy Rennie (added January 5, 2009)
(Abuko, Tendaba, Goliath Heron, Yellow-fronted Canary, Short-toed Eagle)

Gambia - November 2002, author John van der Woude (link created January 25, 2011)
(coastal region)

The Gambia - the coastal area, 19th - 26th February 2011, author Richard Knightbridge (added January 20, 2013)
(Kairaba Hotel, Dawda M Barry)

Gambia - December 2011, author Mike Goodman (added January 19, 2012)
(Kololi Beach Area, 205 species)

The Gambia - December 2006, author Martyn Hall and Steve Preddy (added January 16, 2007)

Gambia - November 2004, author Richard Sutton (added January 16, 2005)
(Abuko, Tendaba, Oriole Warbler, Black-crowned Crane)

The Gambia - November 4 -20, 2013, author Richard Moore (added January 13, 2014)

The Gambia, 29th December - 4th January 2016, author Claudi Racionero (added January 12, 2016)
(Farasuto, Pirang, Marakissa, Abuko, Kotu, Tujering, Brufut, Tanji, Tendaba, Georgetown, Toubakouta. )

The Gambia - January 7th-12th 2012, author Christopher Hewitt (added February 7, 2012)
(Faraba Banta, Grayish Eagle Owl, Northern White-faced Scops Owl)

The Gambia and Senegal 28th November to 12th December, 2003, author The Travelling Naturalist (link created February 3, 2005)
(Dwarf Bittern at Marakissa Bridge, Exclamatory Paradise-whydahs,Four-banded Sandgrouse,Janjangbureh,Red-throated Bee-eaters, Bansang quarry,Martial Eagle)

The Gambia and Senegal - 20th January - 3rd February 2006, author Mark Hows (link created February 14, 2006)
(This trip report hopefully covers not only the birding as in a typical trip report but also provide lots of other general information which might be of use when planning a trip.)

Gambia - 14th - 28th November 2016, author David Flack (added February 1, 2017)
(Finfoot, Northern Carmine Bee-eater, Brown-necked Parrot, Egyptian Plover, Beaudouin's Snake Eagle)

The Gambia - 13th - 24th November 2014, author Richard Hanman (added December 7, 2014)
(Coastal area, Georgetown and Tendaba)

The Gambia - 28th November - 7th December 2016, author Tony Moverley (added December 31, 2016)
(Egyptian Plover, African Finfoot, Tendaba, Georgetown, Bakotu Hotel)

Gambia 17th - 24th November 2005, author Grant Lewis Brooke (added December 12, 2005)

New Year in The Gambia, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

Birding The Gambia, 28th January to 18th February 2002, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia 15th -29th November 2002, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia, an independent birding trip 15-22 November 2002, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia with Birdseekers, Friday 6th - Friday 13th Dec 2002, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia - March 7th-21st 2002, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia - 28th November to 12th December 2003, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia - 25th November to 9th December 2003, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia - 27th November - 8th December 2000, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia 28th November to 5th December 2003, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia December 19th 2000 - January 2nd 2001, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia, 20th- 30th January 2004, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

The Gambia: 4th July 2001-19th July 2001, author Surfbirds Admin (added August 26, 2004)

Gambia - 4th - 11th April 2012, author Mark Graham (added April 25, 2012)

The Gambia 28th February – 14th March 2006, author Graham Masters (added April 24, 2006)
(Two week birding trip with 200 plus species concentrating on Kotu Creek, Bijilo Forest Park, Abuko Nature Reserve, Sindola Lodge, Lamin Lodge and Pirang)

Gambia - January 29th - February 12th 2011, author Guy Kilgallen (added April 18, 2011)
(Antlantic Coast, Kotu, Paradise Inn, Tanji Beach, Koluro Farasuto Forest , Bonto River, Mandinaba, Pirang Ponds, Abuko National Park, Brufut Woods, Marakissa)

The Gambia - 24th February - 10th March 2014, author David Culham (added April 17, 2014)
(White-backed Night Heron, Western Bluebill, Verreux`s Eagle Owl)

The Gambia - 9th-16th March 2017, author Garry Wilkinson (added April 16, 2017)
(Kololi, Brufut,Tendaba, Bund Road and Tanji fishing village)