Although one of Europe's smallest countries, taking into account every fjord and island it has an amazing 12,500 miles of coastline that support significant numbers of White-tailed Eagles. Conifer and birch forests support such delights as Tengmalm's Owl, White-backed Woodpecker and Siberian Jay. But the greater part of the country is beyond the treeline and considered an arctic region. Here birders can search for Snowy Owl and Long-tailed Skua. In the far north, Little Auks, Brunnich's Guillemots are common whilst Ivory, Glaucous and Sabine's Gull can be found in and around Spitsbergen.

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl © Paul O'Toole

Lofoten Birding

For guided birding in Northern Norway with experienced birders and photographers contact Martin Eggen and Håvard Eggen.

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Lapland - July 2007, author Sander Bot (added September 21, 2007)

Norway - Røst Pelagic Tour - Aug. 11-12 - With Lofoten Birding, author Martin Eggen (link created September 15, 2014)
(European Storm Petrel, Manx Shearwater, Pectoral Sandpiper, Pelagic, Boat, Guiding, Lofoten Birding, Sea Birds, )

Norway Varanger area (trip around Baltic Sea) May-Jun 2014 , author John van der Woude (link created October 10, 2016)

Birdwatching trip into Lapland, author Michel Lepley (link created November 10, 2007)
(Fenno Scandinavia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Lapland, Varanger Peninsula, White-billed Diver, Lesser White-fronted Goose, King Eider, Steller's Eider, Gyr Falcon, Great Snipe, Northern Hawk Owl, Three-toeted Woodpecker, Siberian Jay)

Lofoten Birding Norway Lierne April-May 2014 - Great Grey Owl, Hawk Owl and magical forest birds, author Håvard Eggen (link created May 5, 2014)
(Great Grey Owl, Hawk Owl, raptors, Rough-Legged Buzzard, Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Elk, Deer, Lofoten Birding, guiding, photo, forest)

Norway, Hedmark - 12-14th March 2014 - Owling trip with, author Håvard Eggen (added March 15, 2014)
(Hawk Owl, Eagle Owl, Great Grey Owl, Ural Owl, Pygmy Owl, Tengmalms Owl)

Skogsoy, Norway - Spring migration 2006, author Julian Bell (link created June 12, 2006)
(During the spring of 2006 the number of migrating waterbirds were monitored daily)

Central Norway, Laerdal Area in search of White-backed Woodpecker, May 2005, author Stephen Burch (added June 12, 2005)
(Laerdal, White-backed Woodpecker, Norway)

Central Norway, Dovrefjell and Rondane area, June 2004, author Stephen Burch (added June 11, 2005)
(Fokstumyra, Doralseter Road, Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Crane, Red Necked Phalarope)

Birding in Laerdal, central Norway in search of White Backed Woodpecker, author Stephen Burch (link created June 10, 2005)
(Laerdal, White Backed Woodpecker, Norway)

Norway plus other European countries - May - July 2017, author Greg Roberts (added July 8, 2017)
(Great Snipe, Capercaillie, Siberian Jay, Eurasian Dotterel)

North Spitsbergen - A Polar Bear Special - 18th – 27th June 2018, author Christopher Hall (link created July 7, 2018)

North Spitsbergen - A Polar Bear Special 29th June – 8th July 2016, author Christopher Hall (link created July 17, 2016)

Norway - 30th June - 4th July 2012, author Mark Hows (added July 14, 2012)
(Dovrefjell National Park )

Laponie ornitho : Sibérie et toundra, Pasvik et Varanger, author Manuel Heitz (link created January 9, 2016)
(Birdwatching, Eider à tete grise, Laponie, Pasvik, Sletness, Tana, Varanger, Voyage ornitho)

Northernmost Norway - May - June 2003, author John van der Woude (link created January 25, 2011)
(Varanger peninsula)

Northern Norway - 23rd June - 1st July 2019, author Colin Reid (added January 20, 2020)
(Tromso to Kerkenes, Ovre Pavsik National Park)

Southern & Mid Norway - June 20th - July 4th 2009, author Michiel van Ettinger (added January 11, 2010)
(Ulvik, Hardangervidda, Gudvangen, Jostedaalsbreen, Runde Isl., Geiranger, Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell)

Compte rendu du voyage en Norvege, author Corentin Kermarrec (added December 12, 2006)
(Trip report in French)

Svalbard June/July 2009, author Gary Crowder (link created August 23, 2009)
(Polar Bear, Walrus, Bearded Seal, Little Auk, Spitzbergen)

Spitsbergen Cruise - Polar Bear Quest - 21st July - 2nd August, 2007, author Christopher Hall (added August 23, 2007)
(Continuing south along the strait in brilliant sunshine and no wind, the ship eases its way through densely packed drift ice, followed by numerous Kittiwakes, blue Fulmars and Glaucous and Ivory Gulls....)

Svalbard, Norway - 16th - 24th June 2015, author Glyn Sellors (link created August 14, 2016)
(Some stunning images of Little Auks, Ivory Gull, King Eider, Grey Phalarope and many others)

Northern Norway - 12th - 17th April 2013, author Glyn Sellors (link created August 14, 2016)
(Stunning images of Steller's and King Eiders, Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Pine Grosbeak and many others)

Spitsbergen July 2011, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created April 12, 2012)

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between Stange and Tangen, 1 Short-toed author francesco gatti (added July 1, 2008)

Voss, Hordaland., 1 White-tailed Eagle author Eddie Chapman (added February 26, 2006)

Voss, Hordaland., 3 Golden Eagle author Eddie Chapman (added February 26, 2006)