Costa Rica is a perennial favorite among birders and photographers alike. The reason is simple; the country is equipped with a series of excellent lodges, some of which come with a busy set of feeders, and boasts the highest percentage of protected land area of any country in the world. On top of that it also has a huge bird list relative to the size of the country, with over 800 species on offer. While tropical birding can seem intimidating and difficult, Costa Rica offers some of the best available, with many places set up with not only great accommodations but great forest facilities too, making Costa Rica much more accessible than some other more adventurous destinations. If you are looking for a first foray into the tropics, to experience its legendary diversity, you need to look no further than Costa Rica, as the ideal choice in this regard. It offers superb wetlands, mangroves, highland forests and humid tropical wet and dry forests, and often easy birding in comfort and style. It also offers one of the world's must see birds, in the form of the spectacular Resplendent Quetzal, which is usually readily seen. While we offer three very different tours to this idyllic tropical country, they all offer a very high chance of the quetzal, while differing in many other respects. Tropical Birding have been operating tours in Costa Rica now for well over ten years, and regularly operate multiple tours within the country each year, whether these be photo tour, introductory tours to the country, or hard core birding trips focused on maximising the bird list. (text courtesy Tropical Birding)

Green Thorntail

Green Thorntail, copyright Andy Adcock, from the surfbirds galleries

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Costa Rica, August 9 - 13, 2008, author Jim Holmes (added September 8, 2008)
(Rancho Naturalista and Tapanti: Black Guan, Snowcap, Tawny-chested Flycatcher, Purplish-backed Quail Dove, and Brown-billed Scythebill)

Costa Rica, 1-10 August 2017, San Jose and Puntarenas Province, Carara National Park, author Brent Steury (added September 4, 2017)
(Carara National Park, Villa Lapas Rainforest Eco-Resort, Hotel Cerro Lodge, Los Suenos Beach Resort, Fiery-billed Aracari, Black-hooded Antshrike )

Costa Rica Feb 2015 -Birding the Osa Peninsula, author Beany Birder (link created September 4, 2015)
(Osa Peninsula, Common Potoo, Crested CaraCara, Scarlet Macaw, Baird's Trogon, Bare-necked Tiger Heron)

Costa Rica 28th March -12th April 2004, author Stuart White (added September 30, 2005)
(San Gerardo Valley, 2 Bare-necked Umbrellabird, 4 Three-wattled Bellbird, Palo Verde, 2 Great Currasow)

Costa Rica - March - 2009, author Steve Bird (link created September 27, 2009)
(WORLD RECORD Again! 589 species seen on our classic tour - no one does it better)

Costa Rica - March 2016, author Steve Johnson (added September 11, 2016)
(Carara, La Selva, Los Quetzales)

Costa Rica, May 2000, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 10, 2004)

Costa Rica, 18th January - 4th February 2002, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 10, 2004)

Rancho Naturalista, Costa Rica, June 11th - 14th 2002, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 10, 2004)

Costa Rica, 14th - 31st March 2003, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 10, 2004)

Costa Rica - Frogs, Sweat and Tears, 18th April - 5th May 2003, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 10, 2004)

Costa Rica: July 10th - 19th 2003, author Mike Nelson (added October 24, 2011)
(OTS, Arenal, Monteverde, Carara)

Panama and Costa Rica - August 2012, author Sander Bot (link created October 2, 2012)
(Canal area, Western Highlands)

Costa Rica - July 22 - August 2, 2012, author Brad Weinert (link created October 15, 2012)
(Gartered Trogon, Semiplumbeous Hawk, Great Curassow, Tinamou, Hummingbirds)

Costa Rica – December 13-23, 2011, author Brad Weinert (link created October 15, 2012)
(Snowcap, Long-tailed Silky-Flycatcher, Chestnut-capped Brush-Finch, Long-tailed Tyrant, Rufous-tailed Jacamar)

Costa Rica, January 18-26, 2009, author Brad Weinert (link created October 15, 2012)
(Violet Sabrewing, Green-crowned Brilliant, Resplendent Quetzal)

Eastern Pacific Cruise - October 29th - November 22nd 2009, author Gail Mackiernan (link created October 1, 2010)
(California, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, Yellow-footed Gull, Galapagos, De Fillipe's and Juan Fernandez Petrels, Hornby's Stormpetrel, Chestnut-throated Huet-huet)

Costa Rica 18/1 – 10/2/2010, author Frank Hemmings (added May 8, 2010)

Costa Rica - March 29th - April 12th 2013, author Dave Horton (added May 17, 2013)
(Two week loop tour from Poas to La Selva via Talari, Carara, Monteverde, Bosque La Paz)

Costa Rica Jan/Feb - 2009 Birdseekers, author Steve Bird (link created May 16, 2009)
(Keel-billed Motmot, Sunbittern, Snowy Cotinga, Mangrove Hummingbird, Kinkajou, Otter and much more - Superb Report)

Costa Rica - 16th February – 5th March 2020, author Chris Lotz, Birding Ecotours (link created May 14, 2020)
(Our Costa Rica 2020 tour was a photographic trip focusing on the birds and wildlife that this fascinating country has to offer)

Costa Rica Easy! - Jan - 2009 Birdseekers, author Steve Bird (link created May 12, 2009)
(Easy pace tour, Keel-billed Motmot, Sunbittern, Resplendent Quetzal, boat trips, volcanos, hummingbirds and much more)

Costa Rica - March 2007, author Mark Gurney (added May 10, 2007)
(La Selva, Palo Verde, Cerro de la Muerte, Carara)

Costa Rica - 4th March to 24th March 2007, author Chris Wormwell (added March 28, 2007)
(the highs and lows of central american birding)

Costa Rica - 27th February - 16th March 2020, author Jules Eden (added March 26, 2020)
(Crakes, Jays and Trogons)

Costa Rica, March 17th - 26th 2004, author Charles Spagnoli (added March 26, 2010)
(Monteverde, Montezuma, Black-and-white owl, Orange-collared manakin, Spectacled antipitta)

Costa Rica by Car, author Jim Peterson (link created March 25, 2009)
(Guanacaste, Carara, Monteverde, American Pygmy Kingfisher, La Selva)

Costa Rica - 13th – 20th January 2019, author Chris Lotz, Birding Ecotours (link created March 2, 2019)
(Resplendent Quetzal, Great Curassow, Snowcap, Buffy Tuftedcheek, Streak-chested Antpitta)

Costa Rica - Central Pacific - January - March 2005, author Charles Hamel (added March 19, 2007)
(Tarcoles, Scarlet Macaw, Mangroves)

Costa Rica: 03-10 January 2015, author Catherine McFadden (added March 14, 2015)
(Carara NP, Poas Volcano NP, Bosque de Paz)

Costa Rica - Jan 2008, author Gina Nichol (link created March 13, 2009)
(Keel-billed Motmot, Sungrebe, Central American Pygmy-Owl, Mangrove Hummingbird, Coppery-headed Emerald, Resplendent Quetzal, American Pygmy Kingfisher, Zeledonia)

Costa Rica - Birding Trip Report - December 2007, author Noah Gaines (added March 11, 2008)
(Golfito, Monteverde)

Costa Rica - January - February 2007, author Michael Packer (added March 1, 2009)
(White-lined Tanager, Great Curassow, Violaceous Trogon)

Costa Rica: June 28th - July 12th, 2012, author Mike Nelson (added June 9, 2013)
(Resplendent Quetzal, Coppery-headed Emerald, Osa Peninsula)

Costa Rica, Feb 15 - Arenal and an unexpected mega!, author Beany Birder (link created June 12, 2015)
(Arenal Observatory Lodge, Bare-necked Umbrella bird, orange-bellied trogan, montezuma oropendola)

Costa Rica, February 15, author Beany Birder (link created July 8, 2015)
(Monteverde Cloud Forest, Resplendent Quetzal, Black-faced Solitaire, Orange-bellied Trogon, Magenta-throated Woodstar, Black Guan)

Costa Rica, February 15, author Beany Birder (link created July 8, 2015)
(Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge, Amazon Kingfisher, Mangrove Swallow, Roseate Spoonbill, Bare-throated tiger heron, Crested Caracara)

Costa Rica, February 15, author Beany Birder (link created July 8, 2015)
(Arenal Observatory Lodge, Montezuma Oropendola, Emerald Tanager, Great Curassow, Green Honeycreeper, Tropical Parula)

Costa Rica, February 15, author Beany Birder (link created July 8, 2015)
(Arenal Observatory Lodge, Bare-necked Umbrellabird, Black-mandibled Toucan, Keel-billed Toucan, Collared Aracari, Green Hermit, Gartered Trogon)

Costa Rica, Feb 15 - Birding around Monteverde, author Beany Birder (link created July 31, 2015)
(Resplendent Quetzal, Golden-browed Chlorophonia, Highland Tinamou, Masked Tityra, Monteverde, Curi Cancha, Stella's Bakery)

Cuba - Caribbean Endemic Birding VIII Mar 17, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created July 26, 2017)
(Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Tody, Cuban Trogon, Zapata Wren, Cuban Green Woodpecker, Blue-headed Quail-Dove, Great Lizard Cuckoo, Cuban Nightjar, Western Spindalis, Gundlach's Hawk)

Costa Rica Pacific High-Low Adventure Jan 18th - Feb 4th, 2007, author Michael R. Boatwright (added July 26, 2007)
(Tico Tours, Total bird species observed/heard: 375)

Western Costa Rica - 2000-2006, author Jim Peterson (link created July 24, 2006)
(Guanacaste, Cano Negro, Liberia, Carara, Upala, Hacienda Baru, Nicaraguan grackle, American Pygmy Kingfisher)

Costa Rica - June - July 2012 - Birding & Sightseeing on a Budget , author Gerhard Geldenhuys (added July 22, 2012)

Costa Rica - 19th March -2nd April 2015, author Martin Tribe (added July 19, 2015)
(Costa Rica Spectacled Owl, Snowy Cotinga, Turquoise Cotinga, Coppery-headed Emerald, Buff-fronted Quail-dove, Birdfinders, Crested Owl)

Rancho Naturalista, Costa Rica, author Richard Sutton (added July 13, 2007)
(Rancho Naturalista is a lodge that is dedicated to birders. It has for long held an enviable reputation as one of the best birding destinations in Costa Rica. I am happy to report that it continues to merit its excellent reputation.)

Costa Rica: Bosque del Tolomuco - July 2016, author Scott Olmstead (added July 11, 2019)
(middle elevations, cloud forest, Pacific, Snowy-bellied Hummingbird, Rough-legged Tyrannulet, Black-and-white Becard)

Costa Rica - Rancho Naturalista, author Kevin Easley (added January 8, 2007)

Costa Rica - Birder’s Paradise - 10th - 25th January 2016, author Christopher Hall (added January 29, 2016)
(Parque Nacional de los Quetzales, Rio Tarcoles, Carara Biological Reserve, La Selva Biological Research Station, Tortuguero National Park)

Costa Rica, November 8-10 2006, author Robert Unsworth (added January 15, 2007)
(Rancho Naturalista review)

Costa Rica - December 2015 - January 2016, author Chris Lotz, Birding Ecotours (link created February 6, 2016)
(La Selva Biological Station, Sarapiquí River, Selva Verde Lodge, cloudforest of the Cordillera de Talamanca)

Costa Rica (South & East), 25th January – 8th February 2003, author The Travelling Naturalist (link created February 3, 2005)

Costa Rica - South Pacific Coast - February 2015, author Peter Friedmann (added February 24, 2015)
(Esquinas Rainforest Lodge, White-throated Crake, White-throated Shrike Tanager, Slate-coloured Seedeater, Yellow-bellied Seedeater, Black-cheeked Ant Tanager)

Costa Rica, 1 - 18 January 2010, author Peter Van Herp (added February 19, 2010)
(Braulio Carillo, La Selva, Rancho Naturalista, Tapanti, San Gerardo de Dota, Cerro de la Muerte, Bosque del Rio Tigre Lodge, Carara, Tarcoles river, La Ensenada Lodge, Hacienda Solimar, Las Heliconias Lodge)

Costa Rica - 28 July - 18 August 2018, author Dick Meijer (added February 18, 2019)
(Rancho Naturalista, La Selva, Arenal, Monteverde, Carara, Corcovado, Cerro de la Muerte, Snowcap, Black-cheeked Ant-Tanager, Yellow-billed Cotinga, Turquoise Cotinga)

Costa Rica: January 5th-25th, 2014, author Mike Nelson (added February 12, 2014)
(Rancho Naturalista, Cano Negro, Guanacaste, Osa Peninsula, Unspotted Saw-whet Owl)

Costa Rica Caravan Tour - 29th January - 7th February 2011, author James Lundberg (added February 11, 2011)

Return to Rancho Naturalista, Costa Rica - October 2008, author Richard Sutton (added February 10, 2009)
(with images by Richard Garrigues, Michael Woodruff and Lou Hegedus )

Costa Rica - Laguna del Lagarto Lodge & Bosque del Rio Tigre - November 20 - 29, 2009, author Michael Fleming (added December 5, 2009)
(Laguna del Lagarto Lodge & Bosque del Rio Tigre)

Costa Rica 4th - 14th December 2004, author Georges Olioso (added December 27, 2004)
(Savegre, Villa Lapas, Selva Verde Lodge, Quetzal, Black Guam, Hummingbirds, Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles)

Costa Rica - Ranco Naturalista - from recent trip - September-December 2006., author Andrew Walker (added December 21, 2006)
(Rancho Naturalista)

NW Costa Rica Trip Report Guanacaste Province - October 2007, author Jim Rose (link created December 20, 2007)
(Santa Rosa, Rincon de la Vieja, Guanacaste, Panama Beach)

Costa Rica, author Clayton Burne (link created December 11, 2010)
(Selva Verde, La Selva, Arenal, Monteverde, Santa Elena, Great Curassow, Great Green Macaw, Squirrel Cuckoo, Violet Sabrewing, Resplendent Quetzal, Immaculate Antbird, )

Costa Rica - 20 May – 11 June 2014, author Jon Hornbuckle (added August 25, 2014)
(Yellow-breasted Crake, Uniform Crake, Buff-fronted Quail-Dove, Great Green Macaw, Tody Motmot, Black-crowned Antpitta, Thicket Antpitta, Lovely Cotinga, Yellow-billed Cotinga, Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo)

Costa Rica Jan 30th-Feb 6th 2005: Tarcoles, Rancho Naturalista, Tapanti National Park, author Ryan Shaw (added April 8, 2005)
(Tarcoles River, Carara National Park, Rancho Naturalista, Tuis River Valley, Tapanti National Park, Silent Mountain)

Carara National Park, Costa Rica, author Charles Hamel (added April 7, 2007)
(Orange-collared Manakin, Baird's Trogon, Scarlet Macaw)

Costa Rica - January - February 2004, author Birdseekers (added April 7, 2005)
(with photos of Fasciated Tiger-heron, Lanceloated Monklet, Resplendent Quetzal and Snowcap)

Costa Rica - 28 July to 18 August 2018, author Dick Meijer (link created April 29, 2019)
(We recorded 351 species and found 3 of the 6 Costa Rican endemics)

Costa Rica - Rancho Naturalista - April 9-12, 2007, author Ron Freed (added April 24, 2007)

Costa Rica - March - April 2008, author Anna Gallés (added April 20, 2008)
(La Selva, Cordillera Talamanca, La Amistad, Las Cruces, Corcovado, Carara, Great Green Macaw, Resplendent Quetzal, Black-faced Antthrush, Solitary Eagle, Violet-headed Hummingbird, Great Potoo, Short-tailed Nighthawk)

Costa Rica, 1st - 10th April 2012, author Noah Gaines (added April 19, 2012)
(km 70, Cerro de Muerte, Savegre, Golfito, Las Cruces, Bosque del Rio Tigre.)

Costa Rica - April 2010, author Neil Whiting (added April 17, 2010)
(Caravan Tour)