Birds and Windows

Cover Photo: The ghostly shape of a bird on your window means a bird has hit your window at speed. This is usually fatal for the bird. Windows reflect trees and sky so that birds cannot see them. Window decals can help keep birds safe from flying in to windows. By Lionel Allorge

It is estimated that over 100 million birds are killed each year by flying in to and hitting windows. Windows reflect trees and sky so that birds cannot see them. Either by using window decals or by covering the window temporarily, this is what you can do to keep your windows safe for birds.

Bird pecking at the Window

Do you have a bird pecking at your window?

"Why does that Cardinal keep pecking at my window?" is a common question in our forum. Do you need help identifying your bird? Click here for our bird identification section.

In the spring, it is not uncommon to find a bird that seems to be intent on flying in to your window or a car mirror from a nearby perch. Although it seems confusing to us, to the bird it is actually defending its territory. The bird is attacking its own reflection. It thinks another male is on its territory and is trying its best to move the intruder away. The bird is not in danger but it is wasting a lot of time and energy chasing its own reflection, when it could be spending its time feeding and nesting. To help the birds, cover your window on the outside with paper or bubble wrap to hide the reflection. By early summer, you should be able to remove the covering.

Birds Flying Into Windows and Window Decals

A more serious problem is when a bird doesn't see the window and flies directly in to the window. Often the bird will break its neck or suffer severe concussion and die some time afterwards. If you have a large number of windows, there may be many bird deaths every year. With some discrete but attractive window decals placed on each window, you can help protect the birds from window strikes.

Bird window decals are more noticeable to birds than humans. They can be subtle and even add some charm and let visitors know that you care about the wildlife around your house. When placed on windows, it alerts birds to the window and should prevent birds flying directly in to your windows.

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