England Bird News

  • @telophorus 8 hrs ago
    CAMBS Water Pipit at RSPB Ouse Washes today #rbnCAM @CambsBirdClub https://t.co/Ah5A5tlcXU
  • @Jon_Heath_ 9 hrs ago
    CAMBS 2 of at least 5 Jack Snipe at Hobson's Park, Cambridge this afternoon @CambsBirdClub #rbncam https://t.co/reOawAb2zd
  • @CambsBirdClub 10 hrs ago
    Grafham water today: Bewick's Swan 5, Dunlin 6, Redshank 6, Great Crested Grebe 538, Goldeneye 117 Goosander 8, Tuf… https://t.co/KAbAEgh4Uk
  • @CambsBirdClub 10 hrs ago
    CAMBS Hobson's park Trumpington today: 5+ jack snipe showing well on eastern shore. (Geoff Barlow) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 10 hrs ago
    CAMBS St Ives GP today: Great white egret, 3 smew (1 drake and 2 redheads) and 2 Goldeneye. (Patrick Woods) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 10 hrs ago
    CAMBS Ouse Washes RSPB today: Two Cattle Egrets with sheep in a field at Purl's Bridge this morning. (Duncan McNiven) #rbncam
  • @StewCB 10 hrs ago
    Really nice day mooching around the Brecks. Highlights: tree sparrow; goshawk (2 sites); water rails; 5 hawfinches… https://t.co/BB7FUEvJ82
  • @DJLbirding 12 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Red-necked Grebe still present at Little Ormesby broad this afternoon. #rbnNFK https://t.co/LR0AphLqyw
  • @DJLbirding 13 hrs ago
    19 Bewick's Swan on Swim Coots at NWT Hickling Broad this morning, and five Goldeneye with a female Goosander from… https://t.co/jsnK64cazy
  • @CambsBirdClub 15 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam https://t.co/Nerc4LAgoW
  • @stevedudley_ 15 hrs ago
    c11am (time rough as I left both phone and watch at home!) Rough-legged Buzzard sat in field at southern end of Far… https://t.co/8w5phf811x
  • @DJLbirding 15 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Long-tailed Duck and two female Scaup still present at Barton Broad, from boardwalk viewpoint, as well as 50+ Goldeneye (11.50). #rbnNFK
  • @PoodWigeon 17 hrs ago
    Blakeney Freshes: 16 Twite in NE corner and a bonus Jack Snipe dropped into the reeds in front of us. We have the e… https://t.co/HCuA8eIErE
  • @buddha727 17 hrs ago
    BEDS #rbnbdf 7 Whooper Swans still 10.05. coming from broom village. Turn right at crossroads stop by a track/gateway on… https://t.co/FCPiRAConz
  • @PoodWigeon 18 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Juv Glaucous Gull half way between Cley and Salthouse at 8:55. Now just offshore #rbnnfk
  • @CambsBirdClub 1 day + 4 hrs ago
    CAMBS Northstowe: 1 Short-eared Owl today: (Hugh Venables) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 1 day + 4 hrs ago
    Hobson's park, Trumpington: Jack Snipe still 15.30.  On bank near  just submerged semi circle of concrete, side nea… https://t.co/qMLaAgdxmP
  • @CambsBirdClub 1 day + 4 hrs ago
    CAMBS Ferry Meadows today: 5 Goosander on Overton and Hooded Crow on Heron Meadow. (Don Gardener) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 1 day + 4 hrs ago
    CAMBS Manea today: 48 Crane (9 young) this am. (Mark Ward) #rbncam
  • @magnusphotog 1 day + 5 hrs ago
    LONDON Two of four (probably more) Water Pipits seen at Rainham Marshes RSPB today. #rbnlnd #londonbirds https://t.co/bAsxnH93fz
  • @Laziobirder 1 day + 9 hrs ago
    3CY Iceland Gull briefly at Cottenham Long Drove, Cambs this morning and this afternoon, 2 Cattle Egret past Four B… https://t.co/9gSXxWx4bY
  • @jammyjimm 1 day + 16 hrs ago
    7 Whoopers in grass field just to east of Broom/Southill x-roads on the Shefford to G+M Growers road (1115). They l… https://t.co/gLnGr4OHfO
  • @CambsBirdClub 2 days + 6 hrs ago
    CAMBS Hobson's park Cambridge: 3 Jack Snipe today. (Peter Holt) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 2 days + 6 hrs ago
    CAMBS Manea: 46 Cranes north of Manea from Day's Lode Road early afternoon today. (Andy Symes) #rbncam
  • @Railraptor 2 days + 14 hrs ago
    @rcmartin1976 Had a drive https://t.co/8cVjmQWNXt least 37 Crane in area.These flushed by tractor.But they're well… https://t.co/6XVo2hzdD7
  • @CambsBirdClub 3 days + 4 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam https://t.co/qOpwx1cHcO
  • @CambsBirdClub 3 days + 5 hrs ago
    CAMBS Burwell Fen today: 2 Crane departed towards Wicken at 10.40 this morning. (Andy Hannaford) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 3 days + 5 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam https://t.co/TXAjyMhrYd
  • @steveofewell 3 days + 18 hrs ago
    LONDON Beddington. Glaucous Gull on tip. #rbnlnd #rbnsry
  • @stevedudley_ 3 days + 19 hrs ago
    CAMBS RLB still present this morning on @GreatFen west of Froghall Bridge, viewed from southern end of Farcet Fen #rbncam… https://t.co/Bviw8tp4Vd
  • @SimonWest26 4 days + 12 hrs ago
    Yellow-browed Warbler still at @TyttGP flycatching in trees (TL19363 05572) along track by new workings at 2.55 p.m… https://t.co/8lTzeFNv7s
  • @CambsBirdClub 4 days + 13 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam https://t.co/NQUGMyZb1X
  • @NotQuiteScilly 4 days + 16 hrs ago
    DEVON The other ropey shot. 1w Casp, Axe Estuary. @DevonBirds #rbndev https://t.co/hBvL5m7H4h
  • @CambsBirdClub 5 days + 4 hrs ago
    Godmanchester pits NR today: 6  White-fronted geese again this morning, flew in on to main lake from Westside Commo… https://t.co/eLhHAsgOY6
  • @CambsBirdClub 5 days + 7 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam https://t.co/2bsschapFG
  • @stuartjread 5 days + 9 hrs ago
    Totals today @EWTAbberton drk R-N DUCK & 4 SCAUP NW of LDLHC, 2 L-T DUCKS, 1+ BLK-N GREBE & drk SMEW E of LDLHC, 3… https://t.co/Tg09wCJuGn
  • @SWTLackfordLake 5 days + 12 hrs ago
    Great photo taken by Sean Greenway of a Lesser-spotted woodpecker that has just been seen on the reserve.… https://t.co/sOd9NsSz63
  • @PoodWigeon 5 days + 16 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Runham: 4 Whooper Swan & 1 Tundra Bean west of Thrigby Road at 10:50 #rbnnfk
  • @zippy_clark 5 days + 17 hrs ago
    BEDS Sandy waxwing still showing well opposite Marshalls this morning #rbnBDF
  • @PoodWigeon 5 days + 17 hrs ago
    NORFOLK 11 Cranes in field north of the Thurne road Clippsby at 10:05 #rbnnfk
  • @AdamFaiers 5 days + 18 hrs ago
    SUFFOLK Lone Waxwing still near Buxhall Village Hall #rbnSFK
  • @PoodWigeon 5 days + 18 hrs ago
    NORFOLK RNGrebe still at 9:05 on Ormesby Little Broad #rbnnfk
  • @CambsBirdClub 6 days + 5 hrs ago
    CAMBS Needingworth RSPB today: Two female and one male Smew view from metal gate at Grid Ref TL355721. (Mark Hill) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 6 days + 5 hrs ago
    CAMBS Fen Drayton today: A pair of Goosanders on the River Great Ouse adjacent to Ferry Mere this am. ( Richard Thomas) #rbncam
  • @Chiltern_Nature 6 days + 14 hrs ago
    OXON A Rheal rarity in the #Chilterns area. ••• #rbnOXF #rbnBKM #rbnHRT #rbnBDF @oxonbirdnews @WildOxfordshire @BBOWT… https://t.co/rn59fjEv2s
  • @stevecbrum 6 days + 14 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Mealy Redloll at Sculthorpe @Hawkandowluk 1300h today #rbnNfk @BirdGuides #wvbirds https://t.co/HUDeT6W4y0
  • @stevedudley_ 6 days + 14 hrs ago
    RLB still present this morning, again viewed from my desk at Crowtree, Farcet Fen, hovering over the northern area… https://t.co/waH2CXa7DJ
  • @bedsbirdsnews 6 days + 18 hrs ago
    BEDS Redhead Smew on the main lake at Priory CP 08:55 this morning (DK) #rbnBDF
  • @StoufferAndy 6 days + 19 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Glaucous Gull just gone West along pines over Beach Road, Wells 08.15...#rbnNFK
  • @CambsBirdClub 7 days + 6 hrs ago
    CAMBS Fen Drayton today: sub-adult Caspian Gull on Moore Lake and 3 Great White Egrets along the southern edge of Elney. (Richard Johnson) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 7 days + 6 hrs ago
    Godmanchester GP: Six European White-fronted Geese (4 adult, 2 juvenile) dropped in for a few minutes to the island… https://t.co/26oOHNNdje
  • @stevedudley_ 7 days + 16 hrs ago
    CAMBS Rough-legged Buzzard 1115+ southern end of Farcet Fen nr Froghall Bridge viewed from @GreatFen #rbncam @CambsBirdClub @BirdGuides
  • @PoodWigeon 7 days + 16 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Had a Tern sp. off Holme at 10:55. Most probably a Sandwich but awful light. Flew W then back E and lost to view #rbnnfk
  • @Chris_Farthing 7 days + 17 hrs ago
     Female Brambling along Woodland Trail @WildWoodberry this morning. #londonbirds #rbnLND https://t.co/U27Xzwq2ft
  • @Jon_Heath_ 8 days + 7 hrs ago
    Masses of gulls in the Landbeach Tip/Research Park area this morning. Along with the Iceland Gull there were also a… https://t.co/A0E9WxJIOm
  • @Jon_Heath_ 8 days + 8 hrs ago
    CAMBS 3cy Iceland Gull at the Research Park this morning @CambsBirdClub #rbnCAM #patchbirding https://t.co/WTHqYnTnQG
  • @DJLbirding 8 days + 9 hrs ago
    11 Bewick's Swan roosted on east scrape @RSPBMinsmere this evening, while the Great White Egret and 6 Whooper Swan… https://t.co/rWae6YixeZ
  • @WWTWelney 8 days + 13 hrs ago
    The 2 cattle egret that have been around the Ouse Washes recently are now in front of our Friends hide, ring-necked… https://t.co/389gvFYnml
  • @steveofewell 8 days + 18 hrs ago
    SURREY Beddington. Glaucous Gull #rbnsry #rbnlnd
  • @PoodWigeon 9 days + 10 hrs ago
    Went to the Brecks today, only 7 Crossbills of note at Santon, but was lucky at Lynford where we (Steve Howell &… https://t.co/aMWsczYRAE
  • @jahanlon2 9 days + 11 hrs ago
    Ad f scaup off dam at Grafham; 5 Bewick’s swans W end. Pintail, common sand. Good no’s goldeneye (115+) and GCG (55… https://t.co/VLs8f0id7Q
  • @WarrenBirding 9 days + 16 hrs ago
    DEVON Almost mirror calm offshore but aside from a imm Velvet Scoter from the seawall very little to report #rbndev