England Bird News

  • @CambsBirdClub 7 hrs ago
    CAMBS Foxton yesterday: Adult male Wheatear by remains of straw bales on Foxton to Thriplow road. 16.30. ( Dianna Leech) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 7 hrs ago
    CAMBS Grafham Water yesterday: Pair of Garganey Gaynes cove on shore by lagoons (Colin Addington) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 18 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam https://t.co/3IB0GRFS1f
  • @BiophiliacUK 21 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam the #Fowlmere Hen harrier has roosted already @RSPBbirders @CambsBirdClub
  • @Kevin_Clements 1 day + 0 hrs ago
    Black-necked Grebe on Ryders Mere & Little Egret nearby along Ford Brook, Pelsall @RareBirdAlertUK @EcoRecording… https://t.co/EzDdIvUtN5
  • @CambsBirdClub 1 day + 0 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam https://t.co/Pe7wvFabbi
  • @D_Oakley_Martin 1 day + 1 hrs ago
    TEST MESSAGE: 4+ Marsh Tits in Potton Wood today and an adult male Peregrine nearby. If I am not doing this correct… https://t.co/J7p0KWIGlD
  • @PoodWigeon 1 day + 4 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Weeting Heath: RLBuzzard came out of wood N of road at 10:15 & stayed in view for c2 minutes before returning to wood. #rbnnfk
  • @DanFWildlife 1 day + 10 hrs ago
    19/03/19: At least 2 WHITE WAGTAILS with Pied Wagtails in horse paddock at west end of Nettleden Road (Crossways Fa… https://t.co/mOTMyGEa9m
  • @CambsBirdClub 1 day + 18 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam 3CY Glaucous Gull still at Cottenham this evening https://t.co/YOY7MZrAli
  • @CambsBirdClub 1 day + 18 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam https://t.co/X74WpzwmKN
  • @Laziobirder 1 day + 18 hrs ago
    Pair of Garganey at Burwell Fen Cambs this evening. Also 2 Short-eared Owl, a 3CY Yellow-legged Gull and a singing… https://t.co/YgQxjExkYC
  • @DJLbirding 1 day + 22 hrs ago
    Long-billed Dowitcher still present at RSPB Frampton Marshes this afternoon, showing distantly from second car park… https://t.co/eCCYyz9jz2
  • @DanFWildlife 1 day + 23 hrs ago
    WAXWING at Wheathampstead, St. Albans, Herts. Flycatching from treetops at Hewitt Close, Hill Dyke Road & The Hill,… https://t.co/87EA56mQ44
  • @stevedudley_ 2 days + 3 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbnCAM @CambsBirdClub https://t.co/Y8qs9aoydx
  • @CambsBirdClub 2 days + 16 hrs ago
    CAMBS Grafham Water today: Black-necked Grebe in almost full summer plumage north of dam tower. (Ian Dawson) #rbncam
  • @StoufferAndy 2 days + 20 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Wheatear - Snett CP early evening... #rbnNFK
  • @PoodWigeon 3 days + 1 hrs ago
    SUFFOLK Glossy Ibis still on Walberswick North Marsh just south of harbour at 12:30 #rbnsfk
  • @StewCB 3 days + 2 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Cley: cracking male wheatear still on the Eye Field at 11.40 #rbnNFK
  • @StewCB 3 days + 5 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Barton Broad: 9.25am:2 female scaup; female long-tailed duck (still!); kingfisher; otter. All from viewing platform #rbnNFK
  • @stevedudley_ 3 days + 17 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbnCAM https://t.co/LDoN01prm4
  • @CambsBirdClub 3 days + 18 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam https://t.co/dvkDsOJd0G
  • @CambsBirdClub 3 days + 18 hrs ago
    CAMBS Grafham Water today: Slavonian Grebe (partial summer plumage) from the dam, north of the tower at 2.50pm (Colin Addington) #rbncam
  • @stevedudley_ 3 days + 20 hrs ago
    CAMBS Great Fen info point this eve: SEO and Grey Partridge (calling) #rbncam @CambsBirdClub
  • @snowboundsheep 4 days + 2 hrs ago
    LINCS Hooded Crow still at #marstonsw early afternoon - on second plot of reeds #rbnLIN @lincsbirders @Lincsbirding
  • @StewCB 4 days + 3 hrs ago
    SUFFOLK Walberswick: glossy ibis still on marsh near ferry at 11.20 #rbnSFK https://t.co/7C1FSdXfL0
  • @CambsBirdClub 4 days + 7 hrs ago
    CAMBS Ouse washes yesterday: between Earith and Sutton Gault, 1300 Black-tailed Godwit, 18 Ruff, 2 Avocet, Peregrine. ( Steve Cooper) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 4 days + 7 hrs ago
    CAMBS Baker's Fen yesterday: 1 Short-eared owl,1 Barn Owl,4 Redshank. (Norman Ratcliffe) #rbncam
  • @Jon_Heath_ 4 days + 17 hrs ago
    CAMBS Female Hen Harrier over the (dry) Cam Washes this morning @CambsBirdClub #rbnCAM https://t.co/pncrlqf5gL
  • @Laziobirder 4 days + 17 hrs ago
    3CY Glaucous Gull still at Cottenham, Cambs this morning. A drake Scaup this afternoon was a long overdue visitor… https://t.co/iekc99f6Ah
  • @stevedudley_ 4 days + 20 hrs ago
    @greatfen male White Wagtail Ladyseat Farm pool (New Long Drove) plus Little Egret (in field opp). SEO at Engine Fa… https://t.co/SyM07bB8SP
  • @PoodWigeon 5 days + 3 hrs ago
    NORFOLK Walcott: Iceland Gull at N end of beach c 8:00 per John Charman but not located subsequently #rbnnfk
  • @CambsBirdClub 5 days + 17 hrs ago
    CAMBS Cambridge: A Red Kite over St Andrews Recreation ground, Chesterton, at 8.30 this morning. (Chris Brown) #rbncam
  • @CambsBirdClub 5 days + 17 hrs ago
    Cottenham long drove today: 3CY Glaucous, 3CY Iceland Gull, 2CY Caspian Gull, ad Yellow-legged Gull and Hooded Crow… https://t.co/apXSY9Ju2m
  • @CambsBirdClub 5 days + 17 hrs ago
    CAMBS Milton:  3CY Glaucous Gull in fields by A10, behind Rectory Farm, around 8.30 this morning. (Richard Johnson, Guy and Roo Belcher) #rbncam
  • @JeremyLindsell 6 days + 2 hrs ago
    CAMBS Haven't had a brambling in the garden for years #rbnCAM https://t.co/9Ztif9NG9d
  • @cmee74 6 days + 4 hrs ago
    SUFFOLK x23 #waxwings on Heath Rd , #Ipswich this morning. @BINsBirder #rbnsfk https://t.co/53NPf3mUed
  • @CambsBirdClub 7 days + 20 hrs ago
    CAMBS #rbncam https://t.co/t7rXeADhRi
  • @CambsBirdClub 8 days + 16 hrs ago
    CAMBS Grafham Water today: 2cy Caspian Gull on the boom this evening. Also c900 LBB Gulls in the main roost. (Mark Ward) #rbncam
  • @Laziobirder 8 days + 23 hrs ago
    I assume this white beast is the same Glaucous Gull i found on the washes a couple of weeks back, although seems to… https://t.co/HpXAwKJFiY