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Straddling the equator in western South America, Ecuador has territories in both the Northern and the Southern hemispheres. It borders Colombia to the north and shares a border with Peru to the south and to the east. The Pacific Ocean is Ecuador's western border. Ecuador, 256,370 square kilometers in size, is geographically divided into four regions (the Amazon, the Highlands, the Coast, and the Galapagos Islands). The diversity of the four regions has given rise to the evolution of thousands of species of flora and fauna, all of which now thrive in a variety of diverse ecosystems.

Ecuador boasts approximately 1,640 species of birds, 500 of which are found in the Mindo-Nambillo Protected Forest to the northwest of Quito. In addition, Ecuador is home to 4,500 species of butterflies, 345 species of reptiles, 358 species of amphibians and 258 species of mammals. Simply put, Ecuador is one of the planet's hot spots for biodiversity.

In all corners of Ecuador, national parks such as Cotopaxi, Sangay, and Machalilla abound. In order to reach some of the ecological reserves, national parks, and recreation areas, it is often necessary to hike long distances, often crossing paramos and rivers. The majority of sites require the assistance of contracted guides.

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Southern Ecuador 10th - 20th September 2005, author Mark Gurney (added September 25, 2005)
(Marañón endemics, Jocotoco Antpitta, Crescent-faced Antpitta, Neblina Metaltail, Violet-throated Metaltail, Masked Mountain-Tanager, Pale-headed Brush-Finch)

Birding Trip to Ecuador - 2nd - 17th July 2004, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 25, 2004)

Report of mammals and birds recorded at Bilsa Biological Station and other sites in north-west Ecuador - September - October 2002-, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 24, 2004)

Yasuní Research Station and Yanayacu Research Station, Eastern Ecuador - September 2002 and March 2003, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 24, 2004)

Northern Ecuador, December 2003 - January 2004, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 24, 2004)
(700+ species including Ocellated Tapaculo, Barred Antthrush, Rusty-belted Tapaculo, Striped Manakin, Scaled Fruiteater, Scarlet-breasted Fruiteater, Giant Conebill, San Isidro Mystery Owl, Beautiful Jay, Club-winged Manakin, Chestnut-belted Gnateater and)

Sacha Lodge, Ecuador - 13th-21st March 2004, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 24, 2004)

The Galapagos Islands and Southern Ecuador - 17th April to 4th May 2004, author Peter Nash (added September 24, 2004)
(Waved Albatross, Peruvian Pelican, Lava Heron, Lava Gull, Nazca Booby, Oilbird)

Northern Ecuador - 17th - 30th September 2002 (lots of hummer pics), author Surfbirds Admin (link created September 24, 2004)
(Participants: Adrian Harper, Shirley Harper, Mark Harper and Brian Smith.)

Ecuador - 22nd November to 8th December 2003 by Steve Arlow, author Surfbirds Admin (link created September 24, 2004)
(La Selva, Tandayapa Valley, Machalilla National Park)

Northern Ecuador - 16th May - 6th June 2002, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 24, 2004)
(with photos of Double-toothed Kite, Broad-billed Motmot, Green Honeycreeper, Northern Violaceous Trogon, Black-fronted Nunbird and Blue-gray Tanager)

Northern Ecuador - 23rd February - 10th March 2003, author Peter Nash (added September 24, 2004)
(Choco Region and Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge)

Ecuador - October 2000, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 23, 2004)

Ecuador - 21st July - 19th August 2001, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 23, 2004)

Ecuador (including a few sites in coastal Peru), May 25th - August 21st 2001, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 23, 2004)
(This is a very long report !)

Ecuador - 26th August - 3rd September 2005, author Mike Nelson (added September 22, 2007)
(Sacha Lodge)

Extraordinary Ecuador - 18th January – 5th March 2007, author Graeme Wallace (added September 17, 2007)
(950 species in 45 memorable days)

Ecuador - 4th - 9th April 2010, author David Scott (added October 7, 2010)
(Tandayapa Valley and beyond, 5 nights Tandayapa Lodge, 2 nights in Quito)

Southern Ecuador - June 2012, author Randy Vickers (added October 4, 2013)
(Podocarpus, Copalinga, Bomboscaru, Tapichalaca, Jorupe, Buenaventura, Lancelated Monklet, Jocotoco Antpitta, White-tailed Jay. Marbled Godwit, Brownish Twistwing, Long-wattled Umbrellabird)

Ecuador: Andes to the Amazon, Rockjumper Birding Tour, September 5th - 19th, 2011, author Forrest Rowland (added October 23, 2011)
(Mindo/Tandayapa region, Papallacta, Sacha Lodge)

Sani Lodge, Ecuador, August 2004, author Mark Gurney (added October 17, 2005)
(Sani Lodge, Rufous Potoo, Cocha Antshrike, Ochre-striped Antpitta, White-lored Antpitta)

Ecuador - Mindo/Las Gralarias - 12-13th Sept 2006, author Mary Crickmore (added October 15, 2006)
(Las Gralarias, Crested Quetzal, Masked Trogon)

Cruise the Enchanted Galápagos Islands - 11th – 19th September 2018, author Christopher Hall (link created October 12, 2018)

Ecuador - Andean Highlights - 19th - 27th September 2018, author Christopher Hall (link created October 12, 2018)

Eastern Pacific Cruise - October 29th - November 22nd 2009, author Gail Mackiernan (link created October 1, 2010)
(California, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, Yellow-footed Gull, Galapagos, De Fillipe's and Juan Fernandez Petrels, Hornby's Stormpetrel, Chestnut-throated Huet-huet)

Ecuador - October 21-30 2012: Gran Yasuni: Last Record of the Fiery-tailed Awbill, author Jarol Fernando Vaca (added November 8, 2012)
(Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, Salvin's Curassow, Yasuni Antwren, Ash-throated Gnateater, Black-banded Crake, Ochre-striped Manakin, Rufous Potoo, Fiery Topaz)

Ecuador (On a Budget) Trip Report: SE, NW, & E Foothills, September 15-30, 2012, author JP Wade (added November 7, 2012)
(Podacarpus, Bombuscaro, Cajanuma, Tapichalaca, Mindo, Wild Sumaco, San Isidro)

South-east Ecuador - November 2007, author Martin Reid (added November 28, 2007)
(Yankuam, Orange-throated Tanager, Paquisha, Red-billed Tyrannulet, Straw-backed Tanager)

Peru, Galapagos and Ecuadorian Amazon and highlands - 17th August - 8th September 2007, author Steve Arlow (added November 26, 2007)
(with many stunning photos)

Ecuador - San Jorge Eco-Lodges & Sani Jungle Lodge - July 16th - August 6th 2011, author Elise Faike (added November 23, 2011)
(White-tailed Shrike-Tyrant)

Southern Ecuador, author Mark Sutton (added November 22, 2005)
(Cerro Blanco, Salinas, Santa Elena, Buenaventura, Tapichalaca, Valladolid, Rio Bombuscaro, Cajas, Jocotoco Antpitta)

NW-Ecuador: Birding the Chocó properly, author Dušan M. Brinkhuizen (added November 20, 2010)
(Playa de Oro, Yalare, Cerro Golondrinas, Mashpi, Rufous-crowned Antpitta, Purplish-mantled Tanager, Star-Chested Treerunner, Choco Vireo, Five-Colored Barbet, Berlepsch's Tinamou, Indigo Flowerpiercer, Black Solitaire)

Ecuador : Andes Northwest and East Slopes plus the Amazon - 8 November - 6 December 2014, author Kathie Claydon (link created November 2, 2015)
(This was a four-week, tailor-made trip for our group of six, arranged by Jo Thomas of Wild About Travel. Our group totals for the trip were a staggering 691 bird species and 30 mammal species plus many reptiles, amphibians, insects and plants.)

Ecuador - The Birding & Hiking Circuit in Ecuador - October 21st - 28th 2008, author Anthony Gucciardi (added November 17, 2008)
(Mindo, Tandayapa, Cosanga, Antisana, Papallacta, Tena, Pichincha Mountain, 6 Climate steps, powerful woodpecked, purple throated woodstar, Inca Jay, Band Winged Nightjar, Striped Cuckoo, Black Vulture, Choco Toucan)

Ecuador - Jan 14 – Feb 13, 2009, author Jon Hornbuckle (added May 27, 2009)
(Canande, Wild Sumaco, Gareno, NWC, Tapichalaca, Macara, Yunguilla, Banded Ground-cuckoo, Jocotoco, White-bellied & Peruvian Antpittas, Black-necked Red-Cotinga, Mountain Tapir)

Ecuador "A Country for Birdwatchers" April 21-30, 2006 Tico Tours Familiarization Tour, author Michael R. Boatwright (added May 26, 2006)
(This tour stayed at Hotel Cafe Cultura, Maquipucuna Lodge, and Napo Wildlife Center. Other locations visited included Antisana Reserve, Yanacocha Reserve, Sachatamia Lodge, Papallacta Pass, Guagno Lodge, and Cabanas San Isidro.)

Southern Ecuador - January 2006, author Forrest Rowland (added May 22, 2006)
(Jocotoco, Crescent-faced Antpitta, Piura Hemispingus)

North-west Ecuador - 15-16 March 2006, author Forrest Rowland (added May 22, 2006)
(Giant Antpitta, Yellow-breasted Antpitta, Moustached Antpitta, Blue-whiskered Tanager, Scarlet-breasted Dacnis)

Ecuador - 22 March - 19 April 2013, author Stephen Blaber (added May 18, 2013)
(Cuenca, Wild Sumaco, Sani Lodge, Undulated, White-lored, Thrush-like & Ochre-striped Antpittas )

Shiripuno Lodge, Ecuador - May 7-13, 2007, author Nick Athanas & Scott Olmstead (added May 16, 2007)
(Nocturnal Curassow, Fiery Topaz, Ochre-striped Antpitta, Black-necked Red-Cotinga, incredible mixed-species flocks.)

Birding and Travelling in Ecuador - January 18 - April 5, 2013, author Brian Bauld (added May 14, 2013)

Shiripuno Lodge: The Wanted List - Ecuador - Amazon Lowlands - February 2009, author Jarol Fernando Vaca (added March 9, 2009)
(Salvin's Curassow, Rio Suno Antwren, Ochre-striped Antpitta, Black-banded Crake)

Ecuador, Eastern Slope Nov. 2006, author Roger Wolfe (link created March 5, 2007)
(Papallacta, Guango, San Isidro, Pancho Enriquez, Avestours)

Galapagos Islands - January 27 - February 4, 2011, author Forrest Rowland (added March 29, 2011)
(Genovesa, Santa Cruz, Floreana, Espanola, South Plazas, and Baltra )

The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador - 30th September - 15th October 2004, author Steve Bird (added March 20, 2007)
(all the Galapagos endemics)

Ecuador - Nov/Dec 2006, author Scott Bowers (link created March 2, 2011)

Ecuador - Galapagos Islands - December 2006, author Scott Bowers (link created March 2, 2011)

Southern Ecuador: 19 February - 02 March 2012, author Catherine McFadden (added March 19, 2012)
(five Jocotoco Foundation Reserves, Podocarpus NP, El Cajas NP)

Paz de las Aves - Antpittas like you have never seen them before, author Mark Gurney (added March 14, 2006)
(Ecuador, Mindo, Tandayapa, Giant Antpitta, Yellow-breasted Antpitta, Moustached Antpitta)

Ecuador: West Slope-Canande Reserve, author Roger Wolfe (link created March 1, 2009)
(Antisana, Papallacta, Yanacocha, Bellavista, Satchatamia, Milpe, Canande Reserve)

Ecuador : Andes Northwest and East Slopes plus the Amazon - 8 November - 6 December 2014, author Kathie Claydon (added June 5, 2015)

Ecuador - in search of the Harpy Eagle and more - 7-22 April 2008, author Gordon Ellis (added June 5, 2008)

Ecuador - February 13- 27 2011, author Mary-Slater Linn (added June 29, 2011)
(The Magic Birding Circuit)

North-west Ecuador - 2003-2006, author Mark Gurney (added June 24, 2007)
(Tandayapa Valley, Milpe, Paz de las Aves, Mindo, Pedro Vicente Maldonado, Yanacocha)

Ecuador - Masphi - Choco Vireo & other rare Choco endemics close to Quito , author Dušan M. Brinkhuizen (added June 20, 2010)
(Choco Vireo, Indigo Flowerpiercer, Black Solitaire, Pacific Tuftedcheek, Moss-backed Tanager)

Southern Ecuador: 2nd to 16th April 2011, author Ian Merrill (added June 19, 2011)
(Dark-backed Wood-Quail, Andean Potoo, Lanceolated Monklet, Moustached and Jocotoco Antpittas, Ocellated Tapaculo, Long-wattled Umbrellabird, Orange-throated Tanager, Tanager Finch.)

Ecuador - Shiripuno, Sumaco, Guacamayos and Papallacta - 8th - 22nd February 2010 , author Gordon Ellis (added June 15, 2010)
(Shiripuno, Sumaco)

Upper Amazonian Ecuador, Harpy Eagle Dash, 9-11 June, 2006, author Forrest Rowland (added June 15, 2006)
(Harpy Eagle, Rufous Potoo, Chestnut-tailed Antbird, Nocturnal Curassow)

NW Ecuador whirlwind trip, 4-7 June, 2006, author Forrest Rowland (added June 15, 2006)
(Double-banded Graytail, Yellow-breasted Antpitta, Moustached Antpitta, Giant Antpitta, Scarlet-breasted Dacnis, Esmeraldas Antbird, Pacific Tuftedcheek)

Ecuador, Tandayapa Scout Trip May 29 - 31, June 1-2, 2006, author Forrest Rowland (added June 14, 2006)
(Uniform Treehunter, Tanager Finch, Ochre-breasted Antpitta, Cloud Forest Pygmy-Owl)

Ecuador - six months, two pairs of socks - 2005-06, author Pete Hosner (added June 12, 2006)

Ecuador - May 2019 Birdwatching sites - access and info updates, author Gerhard Geldenhuys (added July 8, 2019)
(Quito, Antisana, Antennas, Papallacta, Guango, Pululahua, Mindo, Alambi, Avez de la Paz, Mashpi Amagusa, El Chontal Oil Bird Caves, Mangaloma, Milpe, 23 de Junio Umbrella Bird Lek, Rio Silanche)

Ecuador - Chocó step by step - June 2009, author Dušan M. Brinkhuizen (added July 8, 2009)
(Reserva Las Gralarias, Mindo, Chocó, Gaint Antpitta, Beautiful Jay)

Remote Ecuador - pristine Chocó rainforest at Playa de Oro - June 2009, author Dušan M. Brinkhuizen (added July 8, 2009)
(Broad-billed Sapayoa, Five-colored Barbet , Baudo Guan, Great Green Macaw, Golden-chested Tanager)

Northwest Ecuador 18-24th June & Eastern Highlands 28th & 29th June 2005, author Sam Woods/Tropical Birding (added July 7, 2005)
(Ecuador, Tandayapa, Black Solitaire, Andean Condor, Moustached Antpitta, White-faced Nunbird.)

San Jorge Eco Lodges – Milpe, Tandayap and Quito, Ecuador, July 7 – 11, 2010, author Connie Nelson (added July 31, 2010)
(San Jorge Eco-Lodge)

Southern Ecuador - 28 May – 14 June 2010, author Stephen Blaber (added July 27, 2010)
(Jocotoco Reserves, Yankuam, Nangaritza)

Ecuador - Northern Apr 2017, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created July 26, 2017)
(Choco, Cloud Forest, Eastern, Andes, Paramo, Sword-billed Hummingbird, Rufous Antpitta, Flame-faced Tanager, Andean Cock-of-the-rock, Oilbird, Rufous-throated Tanager, Black Solitaire, Double-toothed Kite, Crimson-rumped Toucanet, Andean Condor, Stout-bil)

Ecuador - Antpitta fest: 17th January - 11th February 2015, author Jon Hornbuckle (added July 25, 2015)
(Ochre-striped, White-lored and Crescent-faced Antpittas, Barred Ant-thrush, Cloud-forest Pygmy-Owl, Mountain Avocetbill, Pink-throated Brilliant, Salvin's Curassow, Black-banded Crake, Imperial Snipe, Sapphire Quail-Dove, Rufous-headed Woodpecker and Ecua)

Southern Ecuador 2010: Two species of Umbrellabird under one umbrella!, author Dušan M. Brinkhuizen (added July 24, 2010)
(Amazonian Umbrellabird, Long-wattled Umbrellabird, Pale-headed Brush-finch, Gray-capped Cuckoo, El Oro Parakeet, El Oro Tapaculo , Gray-headed Antbird, Black-and-white Tanager etc.)

Ecuador March 2007, author Denise Doekes (link created July 24, 2007)
(San Jorge Botanical & Eco Lodge Trip Report)

Ecuador - 4th - 23rd March 2007, author Denise Doekes (added July 24, 2007)
(San Jorge Botanical & Eco Lodge Magic Birding Circuit)

Northern Ecuador (Andes Tour) - February 8 - 18, 2010, author Forrest Rowland (added July 21, 2010)
(Choco region, East Andean Slope, Loreto Road, Antisana)

Northwestern Ecuador - Quito, Tandayapa, Otavalo - June 18 - 29, 2016, author Brent Steury (added July 2, 2016)
(Mountain Caracara, Ecuadorian Hillstar, Hooded Mountain Tanager, Scaled Fruiteater)

Ecuador, A Week in the Eastern Andes, July 4th - 10th, 2006, author Forrest Rowland (added July 11, 2006)
(Black-billed Mountain-Toucan, Chestnut-vented Conebill)

Ecuador - October 20 - November 11, 2012, author Ron Hoff (added January 27, 2013)

Ecuador - December 9th - 27th 2004, author Mark Gurney (added January 27, 2005)
(Tandayapa, Cabanas San Isidro, Sacha Lodge, Mindo)

Southern Ecuador - August - September 1998, author John van der Woude (link created January 25, 2011)
(Cajas, Gualaceo, Podocarpus, Piñas, Pta. Carnero, Ayampe)

Southern Ecuador - December 2010, author Dušan M. Brinkhuizen (added January 21, 2011)
(Orange-throated Tanager, Blackish Pewee, White-bellied Pygmy-tyrant (new to Ecuador!))

Ecuador February - June 2005 including recordings, author Wouter Halfwerk (added January 20, 2006)

Ecuador, July 2009, author Don Mitchell (added January 18, 2010)
(Los Cedros Reserve)

Rufous Potoo at Shiripuno Lodge and the Tale of the Harpy Eagle with the Huaorani People - Ecuador - December 30th - January 11th 2009, author Jarol Fernando Vaca (added January 17, 2009)
(Shiripuno River, Pastaza Province, Ecuador; Nocturnal Curassow, Undulated Antshrike, Lunulated Antbird, White-plumed Antbird, Banded Antbird, Wing-banded Antbird, Pavonine Quetzal, Spotted Puffbird, Black-faced Hawk, Black Bushbird Pearly Antshrike)

Southern Ecuador - 30th November - 11th December 2017, author Sam Woods/Tropical Birding (added January 15, 2018)

Northern Ecuador - November 2012, author Allan Drewitt (added January 15, 2013)
(Tandayapa, Milpe, Mashpi, Manga Loma, Rio Canande, Guango, Wild Sumaco, San Isidro, Giant Antpitta, Long-wattled Umbrellabird)

Ecuador: Galapagos Islands, 15-22 June 2008, author Catherine McFadden (added January 1, 2009)
(Santa Cruz, So. Plaza, Santa Fe, Espanola, Floreana, Isabela, Rabida, Bartolome, Genovesa)

Ecuador - 8th - 29th August 2004, author Surfbirds Admin (added February 8, 2005)
(Tandayapa and Sacha Lodges - 500 plus species)

Shiripuno Bird Mapping Project, Amazon - Ecuador - October 2007, author Jarol Fernando Vaca (added February 6, 2008)
(Shiripuno, Ecuadorian Amazon Basin, Black Bushbird, Salvin´s Curassaw)

Ecuador, 11 - 27 July 2002, author The Travelling Naturalist (link created February 3, 2005)

Galapagos Islands, Thursday 24 July - Sunday 3 August 2003, author The Travelling Naturalist (link created February 3, 2005)

Southern Ecuador - November 21st - December 11th 2009, author Forrest Rowland (added February 24, 2010)
(Tumbes, Yunguilla, Tapichalaca, Copalinga, Yankuam)

Tandayapa Bird Lodge, Chasing Chóco endemics in the Ecuadorian Andes with Tropical Birding - 2nd - 9th February 2008, author Sam Woods/Tropical Birding (added February 21, 2008)

Shiripuno Lodge: Cinnamon Neopipo, author Jarol Fernando Vaca (added February 15, 2009)
(Undulated Antshrike, Salvin´s Curassow, Cinnamon Neopipo, Black-faced Hawk, Ochre-striped Antpitta)

Yasuni: Last Wilderness in the Western Amazon , author Jarol Fernando Vaca (added February 12, 2013)
(Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, Nocturnal Curassow, Salvin's Curassow, Yasuni Antwren, Ash-throated Gnateater, Black Bushbird, Ochre-striped Manakin, Rufous Potoo, Fiery Topaz)

Ecuador - January 24 to February 9 2008, author Charles Hamel (added February 12, 2008)
(Chilean Flamingo, Common Potoo)

Eastern Ecuador, Shiripuno Lodge, 6 - 11 January 2009, author Forrest Rowland (added February 10, 2009)
(Wing-banded Antbird, Black-necked Red Cotinga, Hairy-crested Antbird, Rufous Potoo, Nocturnal Curassow)

Playa de Oro - Remote Northwest Ecuador - November 2008, author Scott Olmstead (added December 30, 2008)
(Playa de Oro, Esmeraldas, Sapayoa, Choco, Baudo Guan, Five-colored Barbet, Berlepsch's Tinamou, Tawny-faced Quail, Golden-chested Tanager)

Ecuador - West Slope and Highlands - 18 - 30 November 2007, author Roger Ahlman (link created December 27, 2007)
(The West slope of the Andes in Ecuador offers first class birding.)

Twitching THE Ground-Cuckoo 22-23 December 2006: How to see Banded Ground-Cuckoo in Pichincha, Ecuador, author Sam Woods/Tropical Birding (added December 25, 2006)
(Banded Ground-Cuckoo, Ecuador)

Ecuador - Tours based in Tandayapa Lodge - November 2014, author Michael Hurben (added December 20, 2014)

Ecuador and Galapagos - August 2012, author Julian Thomas (added December 19, 2013)
(Napo Wildlife Centre, Cotopaxi, Galapagos, Mangalares de Churute, )

Southern Ecuador - November 16 - December 5, 2015, author Keith Taylor (link created December 18, 2015)
(Part one of two)

Southern Ecuador - November 16 - December 5, 2015, author Keith Taylor (link created December 18, 2015)
(Part two of two)

Birdwatching & backpacking - Ecuador - September 11th – October 17th, 2008, author Michiel van Ettinger (added December 17, 2009)
(Rio Blanco, Bellavista, Silanche, Puerto Lopez, Isla de la Plata, Ayampe, Salinas, Zamora, Podocarpes, El Cajas, Cotopaxi, Quilotoa, Mindo, Angel Paz (de Aves), Sani Lodge, Baeza, Papallacta)

Ecuador - October 4 to 17, 2015, author Charles Spagnoli (added December 13, 2015)
(Northwest Andes, Southwest Coast, Rio Ayampe, Esmeraldas woodstar, Giant antpitta, Olivaceous piha)

South Ecuador - October 2014, author Peter Hawrylyshyn (link created December 13, 2014)
(Buenaventura, Tapichalaca, Copalinga, Cerro Toledo, El Cajas ,Long-wattled Umbrellabird, Baron's Hermit, White-tipped SIcklebill, Spangled Coquette, Wire-crested Thorntail, Neblina Metaltail, Violet-throated Metaltail, Blue-mantled Thornbill)

Ecuador Sept - Oct 2011, author David Bryant (added December 12, 2011)
(Isla de la Plata, South-west coast, South-east for Tumbesian endemics, North-west for Choco endemics)

North-east Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, November 14–30, 2015, author Charles Harper (added December 10, 2015)

Ecuador - February - March 2011, author Mark Gurney (added December 1, 2012)
(Mindo Loma, Mangaloma, Cueva de los Tayos, MIlpe, Paz de las Aves, Chical Road, Papallacta, Wildsumaco.)

South-west Ecuador and the Pacific, August 5-19th, 2006, author Forrest Rowland (added August 31, 2006)
(Tumbesian Endemics, Pacific Royal-Flycatcher, Ochre-bellied Dove, Jet Antbird)

Ecuador throughout July - September 2006, author David Milton (added August 30, 2007)
(Yellow-eared Toucan)

Eastern Andes and Foothills, Ecuador, July 21 - 26, 2006, author Forrest Rowland (added August 3, 2006)
(Black-billed Mountain-Toucan, White-capped Tanager)

North-west Ecuador - 5th July - 13th July 2012, author Stephen Blaber (added August 22, 2012)
(Choco, Canandé and Playa de Oro)

Cruise the Enchanted Galápagos Islands - 15th – 24th July 2019, author Christopher Hall (link created August 19, 2019)

Ecuador - Andean Highlights - 24th July – 1st August 2019, author Christopher Hall (link created August 19, 2019)

5 months in Ecuador (Travel Journal with Photos), author Glenn Bartley (link created August 18, 2009)
(Ecuador, Hummingbird, Antpitta, Trogon, Tanager)

Ecuador - A Five-month Nature Photographers Odyssey, author Glenn Bartley (added August 18, 2009)

EasternAndes2015Report" target="_blank">Eastern Ecuador and NorthEast Peru May 2015, author Peter Hawrylyshyn (link created August 14, 2015)
(Hummingbirds, Tarapoto, AltoMayo, Arena Blanca, Yacuri NP, Guango, Wild Sumaco, Neblina Metaltail, Rainbow-bearded Thornbill, Lancebill, Hermits,)

Ecuador: The Orange-throated Tanager, March 08, author Scott Olmstead (added April 8, 2008)
(Shaime, Yankuam, Nangaritza, Orange-throated Tanager, Oilbird, Blackish Pewee)

The Northern Andes, Ecuador, 27th December 2005 – 7th January 2006, author Peter Alfrey (added April 7, 2006)

Northern Ecuador Feb-Mar 2011, author Mark Gurney (link created April 6, 2011)
(Spectacled Bear, Papallacta, Chical Road, Mindo Loma, Guandera)

Northern Ecuador - Highlands and Amazon - 12th - 31st March 2009, author Forrest Rowland (added April 4, 2009)
(Zigzag Heron, Gray-breasted Mountain-Toucan, Slate-crowned Antpitta, Point-tailed Palmcreeper, Orange-breasted Falcon)

Ecuador: The Orange-throated Tanager, Mar. 08, author Scott Olmstead (link created April 4, 2008)
(Orange-throated Tanager, Oilbird, Zimmer's Antbird, Blackish Pewee)

Ecuador - 31st March - 2nd April 2006 - The Little Harpy 'Twitch' or how to see HARPY EAGLES in Ecuador, author Sam Woods/Tropical Birding (added April 4, 2006)
(Harpy Eagle, Rufous Potoo, White-plumed Antbird, Gareno Lodge)

Ecuador: Last Birding Frontier deep in the Amazon , author Jarol Fernando Vaca (added April 25, 2012)
(Nocturnal Curassaw, Fiery Topaz, Lunulated Antbird, Ash-throated Gnateater, Hairy-cested Antbird, Pavonine Quetzal)

Southern Ecuador Whirlwind, Foothills to Tumbesia – February 5th thru 20th, 2011, author Forrest Rowland (added April 21, 2011)
(Orange-throated Tanager, Tumbes regional endemics, El Oro Parakeet, Long-wattled Umbrellabird, Jocotoco Antpitta, Bar-winged Wood-Wren, White-bellied Pygmy-Tyrant, Fiery-throated Fruiteater, 608 species in 15 days)

Ecuador January 24th - March 10th 2005 - Antpittas and then some, author David Klauber (added April 2, 2005)
(Antpittas, Long wattled Umbrellabird, Black-necked Red-Cotinga)

Two Go Mad in Ecuador - An Antpitta Odyssey - February 2006, author Chris Goodie (added April 13, 2006)
(Two weeks in Mindo, Buenaventura, Tapichalaca and Macara)

Ecuador September 2011, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created April 11, 2012)